Restored purposefully equips working moms for life at home and at work. 

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About Restored

Our story is similar to yours. We work hard. We mom hard. We're passionate about our families, and we love Jesus. 

Which is exactly why we feel overwhelmed by life's demands. And, if we’re honest, we're often under-served when it comes to faith-based community. But Restored is changing that.

Restored is a faith-based business that exists to connect, encourage and equip working moms for life at home and at work. We are committed to creating high-value, low commitment, welcoming atmospheres that encourage moms in the workplace to engage with each other. In fact, Restored was created specifically with professional moms in mind. We understand that committing to another “thing” is difficult. We get that your time is valuable. We understand the 142 directions you’re pulled in one day.

That’s why Restored respects your limited time and incorporates thoughtful speakers and biblical truth while creating community with other moms who work. All events are scheduled outside of standard working hours so that moms with jobs can attend.

We see you. We are you. And, we hope to meet you. Check out our upcoming events here.


Our Backstory

The first Restored gathering was held over a lunch break in March of 2017 with about 20 women. It was at that time that God introduced Allie Roepe, Restored’s founder, and Stephanie Llorente, Restored’s owner. Allie and Stephanie, both compelled to create a space for working moms, agreed that two heads are better than one and formed a special friendship over their compassion for moms who work outside of the home.

Since that time, God has continued to guide the business. Restored continues to create relevant programming at convenient times to establish intentional community for the 70 percent of women in the workforce with the highest-ranking job title ever created: Mom.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our story (we have lots to say!), follow us on Instagram, friend us on Facebook, or be bold and connect with us in person at our next event.